23 February 2010

The Chicken Ran

Ooooooh man I'm SOOO sad I couldn't pay such a low price for MY cage booties!!! I paid a lot more (but I have the anthracite color which is much better anyway). Sniff. Oh well. I still have the cage sandals which I have not worn yet anyway.... =x

20 February 2010

Wearable Art Competition

The Silicon Valley Red Cross is having a wearable art design competition. The theme is emergency preparedness prevention and response. I submitted my design today at the very last minute (literally...). I hope it's ok. My designs aren't really super "out there" so I don't know if my design will be selected. But I'll know pretty soon... the results of the selection will be out by February 19th.

I submitted the following two sketches:

08 February 2010

Outfit of Two Weeks Ago

Here's an outfit I wore a couple weeks ago during the stormy days we had. There were a few patches of sun here and there and these photos were taken during a break from the rain.

I was wearing a coat, but I took it off just for these photos. I'm not actually brave enough to wear an outfit like this without a coat haha.

And here's a photo of nekoball for fun:

02 February 2010

My UO Knockoff

A few years ago I bought a cotton dress with various prints reminiscent of European country prints. In fact my brother calls it my "Russian Milk Maid Dress." But at the clearance price of $5 or so, I couldn't resist the deal so I bought it!

Today while browsing the "just in" area of theoutnet.com, I came across an Anna Sui silk dress that looked exactly the same. I've always loved Anna Sui's designs... the printed fabrics she uses are FABULOUS. My UO dress is most definitely a knockoff of this dress from the Spring 2007 RTW collection (retailed $497). If you are so inclined, you may still purchase this dress here on sale for $197! View the dress in action on the runway (slide 5).

The only differences: my dress has brown cotton lace instead of the blue fabric and my dress is a palette of pink, light brown, and cream. My dress has patch pockets on the skirt instead of the panels of green patterned fabric. The sleeves of my dress are also poufier and utilize a bubble hem... but the similarity is unmistakable.

I will post a photo of my dress later, but for now, here is the picture of the Anna Sui dress

01 February 2010

A knock off of a knock off

I've had my plaid jacket from Zara now for about two years. Of course, being Zara this jacket IS a knockoff of something. And now, I've found a knockoff of a knockoff! Haha.

A verrrry similar jacket can be had from some place called Soft Surroundings. They call their jacket the "plaid riding jacket." Of course, the material is even worse than my Zara jacket (hah!) but the cutting is pretty much the same. The only difference is that the color scheme of my plaid jacket is better and the collar on mine is assymetric. But other than that... it's a clone. :P