08 December 2012

UK High Street Online Shopping

UK high street clothing companies do make clothes that are more "out there" than their American counterparts.  Perhaps part of the reason is that there are many types of style tribes in London (and maybe the UK in general? I can't say as I have only been to London...)

So how does one get the "London Look"?  Part of the London Look is being individual, but access to their high street brands is available through the magic of the internet!

free shipping/returns to USA

Dorothy Perkins: A little less trendy than Top Shop, but the clothing is still cute.  DP targets a wider age range and there is something suitable for everyone.  The prices are lower than Top Shop, especially on sale. The prices are listed in US Dollars on the USA website.  The retail prices of items are a bit higher than the GBP price (after conversion).

flat rate shipping to USA @ 75USD

New Look:
flat rate shipping to USA @ 7.50GBP

free shipping for orders $40+, otherwise $5 fee applies.
next pays the duties on all goods.

River Island:
flat rate shipping to USA @ 10GBP

Top Shop: Highly trendy clothes with questionable quality. Most items are Forever 21 quality with Banana Republic prices. Overall shoes and coats are of acceptable quality. Items on the USA site are priced in dollars, so there will not be foreign transaction fees. However the prices are the elevated USA prices despite the fact that the goods are shipped out of the UK. :(

flat rate shipping to USA @ 10USD

There's a few other stores... but these should have the 'big names' covered, no?

Addiction by Ayako

I have a thing for acquiring cosmetics, especially hard to find cosmetics. Discontinued? Not sold in America? SIGN ME UP!

Recently a friend went to Tokyo and although I am really not supposed to acquire more, I had her purchase a few things for me to try out.

After I test them out, I'll do some reviews... but for now, here's a group photo: