28 February 2009

No Name Shoes

Local brands from Asia tend to have hilarious and often non-sensical brand names, and this sport shoe is no exception.  Due to the blue and grey color combination, the logo shape, and the type set used on the logo, I initally thought the brand name was Old Navy!  Upon closer inspection, the brand is actually "No Name."  Funny, isn't it?

11 February 2009

Goldenbleu Warehouse Sale for San Francisco

Although their website looks cleaned out, I guess they still have inventory at the warehouse.

Sale details:

Thurs: Feb 12, 7-9pm

Fri: Feb 13, 12-7pm

Sat: Feb 14, 12-5pm

Goldenbleu SF Warehouse
2963 Mission St. (btn 25th x 26th)

Pricing details:
Shoes 25 USD
Boots 45 USD
Bags/Clutches 35 USD and up.

I'll be there... gotta have more shoes right? =p

04 February 2009

Goldenbleu going out of business

It's unfortunate, but Goldenbleu, a local San Francisco handbag/shoe brand, will be going out of business.  I had a hunch that they were in dire straits with their frequent sample sales last year and incredible price drops at each subsequent sale.  I sincerely hope that they can clear as much of their inventory as possible with this final sale before selling the stock to jobbers.

I will miss the brand, their designs are fun and colorful.   I will treasure the two pairs of boots I have from them, they are surprisingly comfortable!

I wish them the best... hopefully they can restart the line or launch a new line when the economy picks up again.

There are still a few cheaply priced bags on their website, so check it out.