15 June 2010

mewmew shoes

Stopped by Barney's today... I wasn't really looking to buy anything as Barney's doesn't have the best sale prices... but I happened to see these shoes. And they were on sale... they are about a half size too big... but because they are a little big, I can wear them with my orthotics. The sales guy claimed they were the last pair in the company, but I don't know if that's true or not.

The Barney's warehouse sale is coming again... so I've got to restrain myself from further purchases until then. :)

09 June 2010

Fashion Show Budget Approved

YAY! Designer/venue/model scouting needs to begin very soon now!

Tentative show date: 05 August 2010

07 June 2010

More Fashion Show Stuff

Well, I know a few more details. The fashion show will be a collaboration with the Asian and Pacific Islander Health Center and I will be working with a budget and a stipend! YAY!

I don't really care about my stipend much, so I will probably put the money back into the show or the workshops Samuel and I will be hosting. The show is going to be the "final project" of a local youth gay/lesbian youth group. There will also be workshops... the whole thing will serve to empower the youth, teach them some skills, spark interest in fashion, and of course to spread the message of HIV awareness. Cool, right?

Samuel and I will be in charge of teaching three workshops... we are throwing around a lot of ideas right now... and it's all going to be really fun and exciting. I can't wait to plan this out some more!

02 June 2010

Almost Pulled a Liuzzi

I have to say... despite ragging on Liuzzi so much due to his bad harem pants.... I almost bought a pair myself. They were only $6 USD! I could've used them for lounging around and stuff. But wait... I have so much stuff anyway. And did I really want to be like Liuzzi? The answer was no. So I stepped away from the bargain.

Thank god... that was a close one?