26 August 2009

Black Light

Isn't it great? I'd love such a light fixture in my room (well, for the day when I have my own place with a large bedroom for myself...). I think this can go with many different styles of decorating, including ones that may not match the chandelier type of lighting normally due to the black color. :)

16 August 2009

Head Eating Bows

This look is from a wedding I attended in socal on the weekend of July 31. I don't have any good pictures of the whole thing. But, here are the details about the look:

Jessica McClintock cocktail/prom dress (so cheap $24 including tax... sorry I had to brag here)

Accessories (not that many of them are visible)
Faux black pearl necklace : Express
Heart necklace : Judith jack
Heart Earrings : Unknown, from a shop in SF Gift Center/Jewelry mart
Lace acrylic bangle (not visible) : H&M
Hair bow with netting : H&M
Shoes (not visible) : Pedro Garcia

Eyeshadow : Visee compact
Liner : YSL liquid liner (grey)
False Lashes : Some cheap ones from Daiso, no mascara
Foundation : MAC Studio Sculpt (NC25)
Brows : Shu Uemura seal brown
Cheeks : Nars stick bronzer (Tuomota), Shu Uemura p peach 40 (main cheek color), Shu Uemura p peach 40a (highlight)
Lips : MAC Gitane lipglass

Due to a flat tire, the photos from Japantown will have to wait. >_<

Mega Manga Madness

The local manga cafe is closing (sad!) and I had been wondering what they would do with all of their manga. Well, the answer is... they're selling it all! For extremely cheap... $1 per volume to be exact. All of the manga are in good condition, some of the spines have some color faded from it, but it's not horrible. The pages are all crisp and have that "manga smell" (mmm good lord this sounds very otaku) and even come with the plastic jackets (good for my anal personality?).

I bought the complete series of Rurouni Kenshin and Angel Sanctuary, which as anyone who knows me... rank up there as some of my favorite manga of ALL TIME. Score? I think so... My bf was thinking about getting Initial D and at $1 per volume we just caved and bought it anyway.

Other good shoujo series I saw for sale that I really wanted to get was Basara and Red River (aka Anatolia Story). I didn't get Red River because they didn't have the complete set (a few volumes were missing), but I'm still thinking about it even as I type this. >_<

There was a jpop event going on in Japantown and I'll make a separate post about that since it involves fashion and the new building that houses gothic lolita clothing. :)

12 August 2009

My Name Is ...

Jonas...? Imelda Marcos?!

I do however have 86 pairs of shoes. I plan on selling a couple pairs... but I guess I do not "need" any more shoes especially after these last bouts of sales (goldenbleu, barneys, etc). I have put all of my shoes into a spreadsheet with style/color/material descriptions so I can see where the deficits are and what I keep buying. That way, should I be "dying" for a pair of shoes, I can compare it easily to what I own.

I know, I'm brilliant. But why didn't I do this before? I didn't really have THAT many shoes (or at least that's what I thought) prior to all these sales.

10 August 2009

I think I'm in love...

With the Jill Stuart wedding gowns... :)

Not that I'm getting married or anything, but these gowns are truly feminine and pretty. Would I want such a gown for myself? Perhaps. But at the same time I think I want something that isn't precisely a traditional wedding gown... and something cool. Whatever that means. Heh.

Click here to see the lookbooks

Marc Postcard

I received this postcard in the mail about a Marc by Marc Jacobs event being held at Bloomingdale's. I like how it was done (the colors.. font...etc). Please ignore the ugly (and incorrect) time snap on this photo.

Barney's Warehouse Sale (SF)

Though I was initially sad about missing the first days of the sale, I guess it was fine after all. From the various posts about the LA and NY sales on purseforum, it seemed the best deals were to be had at the tail end of the sale anyway.

The markdown schedule was as follows:

Aug 6-7 - Shoes/Denim/Designer/Men's Suits/Ties/ an additional 40% off. Accessores an additional 50% off.
Aug 8-9 - Shoes/Denim/Designer/Ties/ an additional 50% off. Accessores an additional 75% off. Men's Dress Pants/Suits were an additional 40% off.

At some point before Aug6, the markdown was an additional 25% of shoes/designer items, but I'm not exactly sure which day that was.

I bought...
1. Knee-high flat chocolate leather Lanvin boots
2. Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 Ankle Boot Sandal in dark pink
3. Earnest Sewn straight leg jeans

I nearly bought a pair of Lanvin flat sandals in the prettiest metallic blue leather... but decided against it. On the last day of the sale, my bf bought two pairs of jeans (Citizens of Humanity and Earnest Sewn) and a pair of theory dress pants.

I also spotted a girl wearing the fabulous YSL cage booties at the sale... wish I snapped a photo of her! Those aren't exactly shopping shoes... but I was excited to see them.