28 March 2009

It has been done already...

Someone at work commented "You must have enough clothes to rival a department store." That is not entirely true. I only have clothes that fit my body and my taste... but oftentimes I have wished that I could just open a store where I could rent out items that I am tired off or sell them off completely. And now, it seems someone has created such a place in San Francisco. Forget selling them to Crossroads where they rip you off and look at your goods with complete disdain as they offer you a pittance for them. You can now head over to La Library in San Francisco, which is essentially my dream boutique concept!

La Library
380 Guerrero St.

I read about La Library originally on 7x7:


17 March 2009

dutchy handbag / accessory sale

Another major sale from a local designer, I hope she will keep her website/online store available. I own one handbag and coin purse from this line, and the quality is pretty good. I have an issue with my handbag's zipper (the zipperhead constant scrapes the bag, so there are marks on it... but they are not visible on the outside due to the design of the bag. The bag that I have is called the "Doc Nana" bag). The coin purse I have is cute, but not too functional as it is hard to get to the coins due to the design of the coin purse. Nevertheless, I think the sale is worth a look if you are in San Francisco or will be in the area. Be prepared for terrible parking in that area. Consider yourself warned. =D

Here is the information I found about the sale:
dutchy says goodbye to Studio 3579!

Nothing over $59
(for Savvy and Storm collection!)

Last chance to see the entire dutchy collection in one place. dutchy will say goodbye to retail in San Francisco with this blowout liquidation.


Bring a friend and you both receive a complimentary dutchy eco-bag!

Where: Studio 3579
499 Dolores St. x 18th St.
San Francisco CA 94110

When: Saturday and Sunday, March 21 & 22, 12-7pm ONLY!

Audree Halasz

15 March 2009

Hair Love

This couple was first spotted by me from behind. The girl's hair shone brightly in contrast to her dark clothes and I thought to myself "I should really dye my hair that color some time in the future." I then noticed her clothes, which were quite cute. This girl is quite petite and thought the grey fleece top emphasized her petiteness since it was slightly baggy. The above-the-knee blue plaid shorts have a bit of volume as well at the cuffs and were paired with black tights and boots. Overall I thought the combination was quite adorable, and her nails matched too!

I also liked the boyfriend's outfit as well. At first glance, he seemed to be sporting a typical outfit (a neutral top with jeans and sneakers). Upon further inspection, I saw a bit of his personal style. He was not afraid to mix patterns, as his knit top had horizontal stripes on the body of the garment while the shirt underneath had a blue and white checkered pattern.

Aside from their clothes, this couple had a good energy and happy attitude which would cause people to pay attention to them regardless of what they were actually wearing!

Clothing details:
Unknown for both


Despite wearing very dark colors, this girl did not appear drab and gloomy. I think she could pull of the dark colors due to her high contrast coloring. Wearing her hair up was also a good choice, it showed off her porcelain complexion.

The black double breasted coat fit her well and the length of the sweater dress elongated her body, especially her legs. Armed with a drink from Starbucks (and maybe a new iPod or iPhone?), this girl looks ready to take winter head-on.

Clothing details:
Black double breasted coat: Unknown
Grey Sweater dress: Unknown
Opaque grey tights: Unknown

Grey Stripey

Grey will probably never replace black, but this look may just convince me otherwise. Everything fit well and the mid tones of grey prevented this outfit from being overly dark. I liked how the design on the sides of the shoes sort of echoed the striped pattern of the hoodie. I think some guys forget about accessorizing when coordinating their outfits. This was not the case here, an interesting razor blade necklace and black tote bag completed the look.

This is perfect casual weekend wear, it is stylish yet comfortable. Who says you need to dress like a slob whilst walking a dog? Dog owners and walkers everywhere should take note!

Clothing details:
Striped shirt/grey pants/razor necklace: All from Bangkok

Pet details:
A very cute minature poodle named Pantone. (At least I think it is a minature poodle!)

Cool Urbaness

My eye was instantly drawn to this person due to her height (I am always envious of tall girls!) and her cool air (mainly channeled via aviators sunglasses). However, do not mistake the 'cool air' for unfriendliness, she was far from unfriendly. She was unsure of the brand of her scarf, but checked the label for me!

I liked this outfit because I think it was a good example of casual urban chic, with pieces that may not scream 'chic' individually. However, the way they contrasted made it chic... The scarf had a camo pattern, but was made out of a luxurious material. The black leather jacket was fitted, to avoid the 'biker chick' look. In addition, the long wavy slightly-wind-blown hair added an easy natural feeling to this look.

Clothing details:

Leather jacket : From LA
Camo print Scarf: From Paris (ocal apparel)
Skinny jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Black boots (not visibile): Stuart Weitzman
Handbag: Prada (I believe it is the Napa Madore Bag from Fall 2008)

Polka Dotted

I really loved the overall look of this outfit. The black and white polka dotted dress was cute and fit this girl well. The brown belt was an interesting choice, I think most people may have used a black belt. At any rate, I think the brown belt worked and it accentuated her slim figure. What I liked best about the dress was the silhouette, it was feminine and a bit flirty without being overly revealing. I liked the purple tights she wore, this is an easy way for anyone to add some color to an outfit. The carefully styled hair and friendly dimpled smile just added to the charming look of this outfit.

Clothing details:
Polka dotted dress: Thrift store
Belt/tights: Unknown

09 March 2009

Burnt Orange

Bright colors are always attention grabbing, and this case is no exception. This outfit is a good example of how to dress up a casual hoodie and jersey dress. I like that the blazer is left open, so that it does not appear stuffy. My favorite part of the ensemble are the booties, the shape at the toe box is very cute (a picture of the bootie will be posted later).

Occupation : Sales associate

Clothing details

Burnt orange jersey dress : American Apparel
Black Blazer : Vintage item
Cognac leather booties : From Wasteland (picture coming soon)

Viva La Vie Boheme

Fur coat : Thrift store find
Grey shirt / printed peasant skirt / metal bangles / chartreuse and navy scarf : Unknown

Feeling cold, I noticed the fur coat before anything else. How warm this girl must be! The heaviness of the coat is balanced out by the airy peasant skirt. This girl channels a 1960s Bohemian vibe which is enhanced by her jewelry and wavy hair.

I don't work for MJ

Clothing details :
Seal brown coat with furry collar : Her friend's thrift store coat
Greige cardigan / black jeans : Unknown

This outfit is eye catching due to the dramatic nature of the coat; with its collar flipped up, it appears almost cape-like. With her heavy blunt cut fringe covering her eyes, this girl exudes a mysterious air.

Euro Chic

I love everything about this outfit: The different tones of black, the fun flirty jumpsuit, and of course the boy's blazer. The handbag is also great, it has a few pockets useful for organization and it looks like it can easily hold a magazine and other daily essentials. The bag can also be worn in different ways because the crossbody strap and the top handle. I also like how the cuff she is wearing balances the length of the blazer's sleeve.

Occupation : Intern for fashion designer / Sales associate
Misc details : Travels a lot, especially to Austria

Clothing details

Black jumpsuit : Topshop
Grey blazer : Boy's jacket
Shoes : White tap dance shoes
Bag : $10 bag from Austria

Classic Casual

Hiroko looks like she stepped out of the pages of JJ or CanCam, which are Japanese fashion magazines that target females aged 18-25. My favorite part of her outfit is her handbag, which is extremely cute and feminine.

Clothing details :
White collared shirt : Guess
Black wool coat : BCBG
Geometric patterned skirt : Ann Taylor
Grey sweater : From Japan
Printed rabbit fur handbag : From Japan

Makeup details:
Mascara, eyeliner, watermelon lipstick

Mixing It Up

Being a lover of hats, but seldom actually wearing them, I took notice of Judy. Judy mixes different textures, patterns, and lengths in her outfit. Somehow it all works, perhaps because of the subdued colors. Whatever the case, it looks extremely cozy and comfortable.

Note to self: wearing hats and scarves together draws the attention to the face in a good way.

Occupation : New York Fashion Designer

Clothing details:

Skinny jeans : JBrand
Plaid fedora : Urban Outfitters
Black leather boots : Vintage boots from New York
Black and white checkered scarf : From New York
A blue-grey hoodie layered with a cropped cable knit cashmere sweater

Not the Mother

Believe it or not, this fashionable lady is not the mother of the cute little girl, but the grandmother! Her overall look is understated due to the grey and black color palette, but it is interesting due to the stipe and checker combination. She commands attention because of her confident aura.

Grandmother's clothing details:
Leather jacket : Ann Demeulemeester
Grey and black checkered scarf : Theory
Black belt : Brighton
Black boots / skirt : Unknown

Makeup details:
Black eyeliner, pink lipstick

Granddaughter's clothing details:
Lavendar swing jacket : Unknown
Lavendar floral print dress : Unknown
Accessory: Kewpie doll with pink bathtub

Misc details : The granddaughter was so cute, she was quick to correct me that she was wearing a printed dress, not a skirt!
A future fashionista in the making, I'm sure of it!

Sign of Spring

Occupation - Sales Associate
Misc details - She is not a big shopper, most of her clothing comes from clothing swaps. In addition, she professes to wearing a lot of white, even past Labor Day.

White cotton eyelet dress : Unknown, from her mom
Brown t-shirt : From a store in Montana
Multi-color belt : From a clothes swap
Brown cable knit stirrup tights : Unknown, from her mom
Grey flats : Unknown

Taylor really stood out, not too many people are wearing white yet. The white and brown combination is a bit winter-like, but the light floaty cotton dress says spring is just around the corner. The bubble hem is fun and the multi-colored belt adds some color and sparkle.