15 March 2009

Grey Stripey

Grey will probably never replace black, but this look may just convince me otherwise. Everything fit well and the mid tones of grey prevented this outfit from being overly dark. I liked how the design on the sides of the shoes sort of echoed the striped pattern of the hoodie. I think some guys forget about accessorizing when coordinating their outfits. This was not the case here, an interesting razor blade necklace and black tote bag completed the look.

This is perfect casual weekend wear, it is stylish yet comfortable. Who says you need to dress like a slob whilst walking a dog? Dog owners and walkers everywhere should take note!

Clothing details:
Striped shirt/grey pants/razor necklace: All from Bangkok

Pet details:
A very cute minature poodle named Pantone. (At least I think it is a minature poodle!)

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