15 March 2009

Cool Urbaness

My eye was instantly drawn to this person due to her height (I am always envious of tall girls!) and her cool air (mainly channeled via aviators sunglasses). However, do not mistake the 'cool air' for unfriendliness, she was far from unfriendly. She was unsure of the brand of her scarf, but checked the label for me!

I liked this outfit because I think it was a good example of casual urban chic, with pieces that may not scream 'chic' individually. However, the way they contrasted made it chic... The scarf had a camo pattern, but was made out of a luxurious material. The black leather jacket was fitted, to avoid the 'biker chick' look. In addition, the long wavy slightly-wind-blown hair added an easy natural feeling to this look.

Clothing details:

Leather jacket : From LA
Camo print Scarf: From Paris (ocal apparel)
Skinny jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Black boots (not visibile): Stuart Weitzman
Handbag: Prada (I believe it is the Napa Madore Bag from Fall 2008)

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