09 March 2009

Not the Mother

Believe it or not, this fashionable lady is not the mother of the cute little girl, but the grandmother! Her overall look is understated due to the grey and black color palette, but it is interesting due to the stipe and checker combination. She commands attention because of her confident aura.

Grandmother's clothing details:
Leather jacket : Ann Demeulemeester
Grey and black checkered scarf : Theory
Black belt : Brighton
Black boots / skirt : Unknown

Makeup details:
Black eyeliner, pink lipstick

Granddaughter's clothing details:
Lavendar swing jacket : Unknown
Lavendar floral print dress : Unknown
Accessory: Kewpie doll with pink bathtub

Misc details : The granddaughter was so cute, she was quick to correct me that she was wearing a printed dress, not a skirt!
A future fashionista in the making, I'm sure of it!

1 comment:

  1. A really nice Duo. I still can't believe she's a grandmother though. Whats amazing is that you can tell that they're both fashion attentive... not only by the clothes they wear but hints of that is also shown of the Kewpie doll the girl is holding since it is a pop icon.