15 March 2009

Hair Love

This couple was first spotted by me from behind. The girl's hair shone brightly in contrast to her dark clothes and I thought to myself "I should really dye my hair that color some time in the future." I then noticed her clothes, which were quite cute. This girl is quite petite and thought the grey fleece top emphasized her petiteness since it was slightly baggy. The above-the-knee blue plaid shorts have a bit of volume as well at the cuffs and were paired with black tights and boots. Overall I thought the combination was quite adorable, and her nails matched too!

I also liked the boyfriend's outfit as well. At first glance, he seemed to be sporting a typical outfit (a neutral top with jeans and sneakers). Upon further inspection, I saw a bit of his personal style. He was not afraid to mix patterns, as his knit top had horizontal stripes on the body of the garment while the shirt underneath had a blue and white checkered pattern.

Aside from their clothes, this couple had a good energy and happy attitude which would cause people to pay attention to them regardless of what they were actually wearing!

Clothing details:
Unknown for both

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