10 August 2009

Barney's Warehouse Sale (SF)

Though I was initially sad about missing the first days of the sale, I guess it was fine after all. From the various posts about the LA and NY sales on purseforum, it seemed the best deals were to be had at the tail end of the sale anyway.

The markdown schedule was as follows:

Aug 6-7 - Shoes/Denim/Designer/Men's Suits/Ties/ an additional 40% off. Accessores an additional 50% off.
Aug 8-9 - Shoes/Denim/Designer/Ties/ an additional 50% off. Accessores an additional 75% off. Men's Dress Pants/Suits were an additional 40% off.

At some point before Aug6, the markdown was an additional 25% of shoes/designer items, but I'm not exactly sure which day that was.

I bought...
1. Knee-high flat chocolate leather Lanvin boots
2. Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 Ankle Boot Sandal in dark pink
3. Earnest Sewn straight leg jeans

I nearly bought a pair of Lanvin flat sandals in the prettiest metallic blue leather... but decided against it. On the last day of the sale, my bf bought two pairs of jeans (Citizens of Humanity and Earnest Sewn) and a pair of theory dress pants.

I also spotted a girl wearing the fabulous YSL cage booties at the sale... wish I snapped a photo of her! Those aren't exactly shopping shoes... but I was excited to see them.


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