12 August 2009

My Name Is ...

Jonas...? Imelda Marcos?!

I do however have 86 pairs of shoes. I plan on selling a couple pairs... but I guess I do not "need" any more shoes especially after these last bouts of sales (goldenbleu, barneys, etc). I have put all of my shoes into a spreadsheet with style/color/material descriptions so I can see where the deficits are and what I keep buying. That way, should I be "dying" for a pair of shoes, I can compare it easily to what I own.

I know, I'm brilliant. But why didn't I do this before? I didn't really have THAT many shoes (or at least that's what I thought) prior to all these sales.


  1. This post just makes me want to see photos of your shoes! hehe! I bet you have some really gorgeous pairs! ^_^

  2. I'll try... I don't have a very good camera, all of the "good" photos on this blog are taken with my bf's camera. I'll try to post the ones he took for me... there will also be a cute on the street photo coming soon :)