15 January 2010

belted cardigans .. not really a fan

I know why so many people belt their cardigans, it is for definition in the waist. But I'm just not a fan (kind of). Let me explain.

I do like oversized, chunky, or long cardigans belted. It gives them a bit more shape, and sometimes, these cardigans have no closures, so the option of belting them is good. Belting either of these while open or closed is ok for me.

However, I'm not a fan of belting short fitted cardigans. I just don't like how it looks, there's something off in the proportions for me. Belting a short fitted cardigan is somewhat tolerable if it's unbuttoned... but the worst for me is the buttoned, short ones.

Sorry, I just can't stand it. I'm not sure why.

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