21 April 2010

uhh what???

I stopped by Joann's yesterday because I needed a new pair of fabric scissors (I misplaced my gingher shears boohoo). As I was waiting in line (for a very long time), I noticed that a lady in front of me was returning cut fabric.

I just thought to myself... um really? You can return cut fabric here? Apparently you can, because the store manager did not have any problems with it when the cashier asked about it. I don't know... all the "real" fabric shops I've been in do not take returns on cut fabric. All sales are final. If picked the wrong color, bought too much, got the wrong material, or just don't want it anymore... well it's too bad. Once scissors cut the fabric it's YOURS. Honestly cut fabric should be non-returnable... (unless it is damaged or off grain etc)

So there you go. Top tip... cut fabric can be returned at Joann's (as long as you have the receipt and do not use it). But I don't think I really need anything from Joann's besides muslin or some fun printed cotton. There are other stores that I go to for finer fabrics...

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