28 April 2010

Gustto Does Not Stand Behind Their Bags

On April 16th, I sent Gustto the following query using a form on their website:

I have a Gustto Cokera bag I originally purchased from Revolve Clothing. I
have not used it in awhile, but it was stored away. When I brought it out to
use, I discovered the shoulder straps are completely different in texture.
The leather is fine, but whatever was used on the inside as interfacing has
hardened. The strap is no longer supple and there are slight "cracking"
sounds when I handle the strap. This is not how my bag was before. I was
wondering if anything could be done. Thank you.

I received a reply on April 19th:

We advice to see a shoes maker and check w/ him. We can direct you to some
good ones in NY. Unfortunately we can't help, the bag is from 5 seasons ago.
Let me know if you have any question.
Best Regards,

Senior Account Executive

I am disappointed, because I do like my bag. It's a nice size with soft leather. Despite being sort of a slouchy/hobo type bag, it has a zippered top so I can use it while traveling. It is also fairly light.

But, Gustto bags are not cheap at all (though I bought mine at a hefty discount). So what if it was from five seasons ago? Does it matter? I have owned the bag for less than one year, I bought it in June 2009! It's not really that old! I probably will not buy a Gustto bag again.

I sent the customer servcie rep the following email just now:


Thanks for your reply. I have to say I am disappointed in Gustto's commitment to quality. While the bag is from five seasons ago, I do not really see why this should matter as the bag is not very old at all. I am looking at my customer invoice and I actually bought the bag in June 2009, so I have had the bag for less than one year. I am surprised that a bag that was owned for less than one year has lost some sort of integrity to its strap, especially for the retail prices Gustto charges.

I appreciate your reply and I simply mean to voice my disappointment in the overall quality of the bag and the company policy regarding quality issues.

I'll see what they have to say. I don't mean to "get anything" out of the email... the bag is usable, but I really am super disappointed in it and the service from Gustto.

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