03 May 2010

About Britex Sales...

Britex Fabrics is kind of like "Mood Fabrics" of San Francisco. Sort of. It is a high end fabric store with four levels located in Union Square. A lot of the fabrics ARE overpriced, I have seen some of the same fabrics at Satin Moon for about 20% less. But of course, Satin Moon is a well edited store and Britex is.. well, Britex. The prices they charge are for their Union Square location rent, the selection (literally mountains of fabric), the "experience" of Britex, the somewhat more knowledgeable workers (only some of them though, buyer beware!!!), and the fact that they do carry some "designer" fabrics.

I learned a bit about their sales from a sales person there today and I shall share it here on this blog.

30% off all items occurs twice per year (all fabrics and notions, including remnants): President's Day and Columbus Day.

50% off remnants occurs once a year: typically in May or June.

The 50% off remnant sale was today and the last day will be tomorrow. This sale is great, it brings Britex's sky high prices to a somewhat reasonable amount. I spent a good chunk of cash there today... now all I need to do is make more garments. :)

P.S. The 10% student discount is never applicable to remnants and cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.

P.P.S The loyalty card is not valid on remnant day.

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