26 May 2010

Fashion Show Possibility

I might be producing another fashion show with my good friend Samuel. The two of us have been approached to help with the show by a friend of a friend. It will probably feature student designers that I know personally... I'm not sure if I want to approach boutiques to borrow clothes again.

I think the two of us will have our hands full with planning. Hopefully it will be kind of chill since we are all cool people... but fashion tends to bring out the queens in everyone. We'll start planning soon.. I'm super excited about the whole vision of the show and who will be doing what!

I doubt I'll have time to construct garments for the show though. There's just so much to do.. from lighting, music, promo materials, model selection, styling the garments, etc. I should try to put one look together at least though. hmm.

I can't wait to find out more!!!

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