30 July 2010

Barneys Warehouse Sale : Day 1 Review

My thoughts on the sale :

Shoes: Sucked, the selection was really small. Only ugly ones had additional 25% off. I might get the CL miss chief if they go on further markdown. I already knew from last year the beginning of the sale would have markdowns equivalent to final cut at the store.

Designer items: Not too bad... I found things i liked. Not ALL designer items had an additional 25% off. Only ones with the "WHSE" stamp on the tag. Too bad the things I liked were 300, 600, 1700 respectively (and they didnt have the WHSE stamp). -_- I have my eye on some Alaia, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto and Ann Demeulemeester items. I can certainly live without them though... so I'm waiting for ADDITIONAL MARKDOWNS!

Ready to wear/co-op items: There's a lot... but prices weren't low enough for me. It was also not very organized and annoying to look through

Denim: Seems like an okay selection, but I didn't look too closely since I own too many jeans. I randomly picked up a pair to check out the price and it was $89.

Outerwear: There was a lot of it, not many small sizes. Mainly co-op items.

As-is items: Some items are barely damaged (e.g. strap unattached, button loose at cuff). However the prices weren't super low for damaged goods! I saw a cute "stained" Moncler windbreaker for $350. It was super cute and I couldn't see the stains, but maybe I was in a state of delirium as I went after work?

Bags: I saw the teal PS1 but it damaged somehow from cleaning. It didnt look that bad to me? but it was only $95 off, what the hell? I also saw a Givenchy nightingale... but didn't look to see what was wrong with it. There were also some ugly sissi rossi bags and many other ugly things no one would ever buy even on sale.

Hosiery: It's all mixed up.. didn't even want to look in the bin but I spied some Balenciaga tights for $60.

Sscarves: Saw virginia johnson cotton ones, I wish they had the merino wool ones. There were various random silk scarves. I almost bought a funny cotton scarf for $40... but decided I wanted to wait for a markdown.

Mens: Seemed like a good selection, more than last year. I liked the selection of mens hats.

My purchases: A purple wool co-op branded swing coat for $109. It's super cute and fairly light. I would've waited for further markdown, but I didn't see many others in this style. Since I saw some other girls trying it on and not returning it to the rack, I decided I liked it enough to pay $109.


Verdict: I shall return at the end of the sale for leftover designer items. ;) I don't think this sale was all that great. In fact I'd rather buy the co-op brands I'm familiar with online since I can get better deals a lot of times (and the ability to RETURN!). So perhaps it's not really worth a trip right now unless there's something you're DYING to have. And nobody should die for clothes these days right? :)

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