23 July 2010

Model Casting Today

Finished up the model casting for the fashion show. I know, I know... my other entry said I was no longer on the production team. I was tying up loose ends... the casting had already been agreed upon and set up. I also already pre-screened all the models, so I might as well check them out.

It turns out I liked one model a lot. Ironically, I initially dismissed the person due to poor webcamera photos. In my defense, the photos made him look like a serial killer (a la Vitaly Petrov). If Samuel and I start a production company, I'd like to use this model.

Overall, casting was fun today. It's always fun to check out models. The only thing is, working with amateur models is sometimes difficult if they are inexperienced. Inexperienced models need a lot of coaching. I usually test the models using different music. The most important thing is to tell them what you want to see since they are not professionals. I think I'm fair... I try to see if there are any small improvements after the quick coaching. The ones that have potential usually do get better. :)

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