09 June 2009

Bug Eyed Glam

I kind of have a thing for sunglasses. I like to admire and buy them... despite not wearing them that much due to contact lens issues.

My latest love is a pair by Chloe, style CL2142. The are large oversized frames, which give a slight bug eyed look. But, it somehow looks nice and slightly retro, not ridiculous and pretentious. I also find that this style looks equally good on my friend, but due to our different face shape and personalities, the sunglasses seem to morph on each of our faces. The frames come in three color options: brown, black, and ivory. All of the colors are flattering. Those who do not look good in white sunglasses should give the ivory a chance. The slightly yellow tone is much more forgiving and easier to wear for certain skintones. They're a bit expensive, retailing at $300USD, but on sale (or online) they can be had for less.

Now the question is... have I succumbed and purchased a pair? Why yes, bien sur~

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