23 June 2009

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly Madness

In the spirit of the release of the "new" eye jellies from Jill Stuart, I have decided to post a photo of the eye jellies I own. I actually own one other shade, which is Ruby Romantic, an awesome reddish purple that does not make my eyes appear redder than they already are (quite a magical feat in my opinion). :) Please click the photo if you would like to enlarge it.

The new eye jellies come in most of the same colors, but they took out the more interesting shades in my opinion (mainly green butterfly and gemstone green). I'm really glad I have the ones that I do, since they are no longer in production! The new eye jellies feature a more ornate jar and supposedly have the same net weight (6g) of product in them. I would like the color #9 Midnight Shine at some point, but I have many many cream shadows. =(

By the way, Jill Stuart is no longer a Japan exclusive brand. It can be purchased in Hong Kong (this is old news... but who cares?).

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