22 June 2009

Gel Eyeliner Tutorial

So... gel liners have been all the rage for quite awhile and I think they are here to stay. Every major cosmetic brand has a gel liner, and they are getting knocked off in the world of e-tailer cosmetic brands.

Honestly, I loathe them because of their inconvenience. You have to use a separate brush and you have to wash it after using it, otherwise it will dry and cake up your brush (gross!). What an inconvenience! Give me liquid liner any day.

But, honestly, there are certain pros to gel liners. Gel liners often do not smudge for those who have oily eyelids (do note that not all brands perform the same... so you may need to try various brands if one brand ends up smudging on you), they are solid so those who desire the look of liquid liner (but with shaky hands) can achieve crisp lines and cat eyes. The gel liner can also be used as a shadow base and smudged out, perfect for smokey eyes!

I have often been complimented on my eyeliner... so I will share my technique for gel liners. This is only one method, if it doesn't work out, keep trying, there are other methods of application out there!

- gel liner
- pointed brush
- mirror


Dip your brush into your gel liner. Don't be afraid of using too much, in fact, I like to "overload" the brush. The thickness of your brush will determine the thickness of your line. If you want a thin line, use a fine brush. I prefer using a lip brush made of synthetic material (easier to clean). Starting at the inner corner of your eye, dot the gel liner across your lashline (or in between your lashes if you are tightlining).


Continue dotting the liner to the outer corner of your eye.

Work quickly to blend your dots of liner into one continuous line. If your liner is uneven in width at this point (i.e. not intentionally so), fix it now by adding a bit more in the areas that are "too thin."

4. Optional step

If you wish to have a cat eye, you may "wing out" your liner at this point. Simply flick your brush/wrist quickly as if checking a checkbox on a form. It will take some effort to practice this to get them symmetrical on both sides.

Good luck, hopefully this has helped.

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