14 June 2009

New Shu Uemura Collboration

There's a new Shu Uemura collaboration for June 2009. I think it will be a big hit, just as big as the Yamaguchi Ai collaboration (my favorite to date!). This time, Shu Uemura is collaborating with manga artist Moyoco Anno!!!

Everything is super cute and I want it... I haven't wanted anything from Shu Uemura for awhile.

The images for this collection were taken from lifestyleasia.There is also a limited edition brush set and makeup box. The makeup box is SUPER CUTE and also super pricy, priced at $2,200HKD (roughly $300 USD). I'm not too keen on gold used on this version of the makeup box, but the inside of the box is terribly cute: there are gold imprints of the girls' faces as crests on the inside of the box. The outside of the makeup box features a stylized chysanthemum on the front. It really is too bad the makeup box is made out of CARDBOARD and a terrible value for the money. I think it's meant more for the collector and avid Shu Uemura fan.

What will I be purchasing? I think three cleansing oils (Fresh, Original and A/O formulas). I hope this collection will be released in the USA because it is already for sale in Asia.

There is a post on Hong Kong beauty blog beautytalk about the makeup box. Check it out!

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